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Georg Schroeter Marc Breitfelder Blues Plakat

Winner of the  „International Blues Challenge“ in Memphis, Tennessee USA,

Solo/Duo 2011

The foundation of the mostly improvised music of Georg Schroeter and

Marc Breitfelder is the Blues, complemented by many related kinds of music:

Rock 'n' Roll, Rhythm 'n' Blues, Boogie Woogie or Country – orchestrated

with masterly piano play, an outstanding harmonica and a unique Blues voice.

Since their beginnings in the 1980s, the two musicians are on tour and celebrate

their 30th anniversary in 2017. To describe the music  of Georg and Marc – very

often also supported by a drummer – is difficult to classify because it is so versatile.

The piano-playing replaces the rhythm guitar as well as the bass, and the Harmonica can also sounds like a violin or  the electric guitar by Jimi Hendrix or Jeff Beck.

Originals and cover songs are standing side by side in their set list. Even if they are playing songs from J.J. Cale, Muddy Waters or the Rolling Stones, Georg and Marc 

always play their own unique style, and every evening a bit different – because improvisation is an important, if not the most important part of their music.

Marc Breitfelder has mastered the “Mississippi saxophone” to perfection. Using his own overblow technique, he is able to reach spheres on a harp that fascinate audiences and musicians all over the world. An ingenious match with Georg, he plays one-of-a-kind notes and sounds – however, always very true to the tradition
of “classical” harp play! 
2016 "German Blues Award" Best Harmonica Player 

Blues Georg Schroeter Marc Breitfelder

His fingers seem to slide over the keyboard of the piano by themselves while he manages to fascinate you with a unique Blues voice. Powerful, gentle, ecstatic or just plain beautiful – vocals and piano are a perfect match putting a spell on any audience … and if his eyes shine and sparkle, everything is just fine – for him,

Marc and the audience! 

2013 and 2019 "German Blues Award" Best Piano Player

Anker 1
Blues Georg Schroeter Marc Breitfelder

German Blues Duo makes International Music History

On Febr. 5th, 2011, Jay Sieleman (former President of the Blues Foundation)
spoke the words: "The winner is – Baltic Blues Society, Georg Schroeter and

Marc Breitfelder, representing Germany!"

That means the two are the first European musicians ever to win the Inter-
national Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN, USA, the world's most prestigious

award for Blues musicians, and run away with it from the USA, the home

of the blues.


Background Fotocredit: Beate Grams
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