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Georg Schroeter (piano and Vocals)
& Marc Breitfelder (harmonica) play
from their set in the Ocean Bar on
the January 2012 Bluescruise
Gala-Konzert vom 23.11.2012 
Konzerthalle Kieler Schloss
Well, you know that the best sound
is in the bathroom :-)This great harmonica solo is recorded with an I-Phone at a Hotel in Memphis 2012. Enjoy :-)
“Long As I Can See The Light"
by Georg Schroeter
feat. Albie Donnelly, Tim Engel
"Little Piece Of Paper" 2018
Georg Schroeter / Marc Breitfelder Band
feat: Kalle Reuter (Git.),
Sven Zimmermann (Bass), 
Tim Engel (drums)


Talkshow von Gerd Hausotto

Am 16.01.2018 veröffentlicht

Lass mal schnacken! Folge 147:
Georg Schroeter und Marc Breitfelder 

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